Full circle

Last year, we went our Dr.’s office for M’s first post-hospital visit/examination. Exactly one year later, we went back for her 1 yr appt. My how she’s grown!!

August 2005:Arrives in infant carrier, sound asleep. She weighs in at a healthy 8lbs, 9oz; up 6oz from her birthweight. She measures 22 inches, a 1/2 longer than in the hospital. We get the OK to switch her to generic formula, and the office staff oohs and ahs over this little miracle. We discuss her birthfamily/medical history a little bit, the doctor’s glad we can contact them if there’s ever a medical issue.

August 2006:Climbs out of her forward facing car seat, walks into office on her own steam. She weighs in at 23lbs, 7oz. and measures 31 3/4″ tall. The doctor chats about what she’s eating, how childproof our house is, does she have any words yet, and how she’s playing. He’s happy that she’s doing fine on whole milk, and he encourages me to have her weaned from the bottle by about 18 months. He’s happy to hear that she’s happy go lucky, and there are no issues!!

So in one year, our baby has grown from helpless infant into the world’s happiest, most curious toddler. She’s almost tripled her birthweight and grown almost a foot. She’s learned a language, how to hold her head up, sit up, crawl, climb, stand and walk. She’s learned how to feed herself, hold her own bottle, drink from a variety of cups, and how to use a spoon and fork.

How amazing is that?? She did have to get her chicken pox shot today, which she was NOT happy about, and she totally held it against the nurse afterward, which is a new thing. But she came home and is taking a nice nap, God bless her!

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