What’s a first birthday like in an open adoption? In our case, loads of fun! On M’s actual birthday, J called from work to say hello. She was at work, so I couldn’t really tell how she was handling everything, but she called to say happy birthday and can you believe it’s been a year?
In some ways it amazes me that the planets aligned to bring us all together the way that they did.

We finalized our plans for the following Saturday.

This past Saturday we met J, G & Z at the zoo for M’s b-day visit. We borrowed a wagon (the cool kind with seats and cupholders) and had a great time. Seriously, it’s a lot like visiting with in-laws or cousins or something. We enjoyed our time together, there was lots of laughing and talking. They enjoyed seeing M, and she warmed up to them right away. She and Z were hilarious in the wagon together. We all enjoyed the animals, we caught up on our families, and had a good time. They brought her a collectible Barbie–the Leo one, which is her sign, you know! I brought a pan of brownies, so we popped in the “#1” candle and sang happy birthday and clapped one more time for baby girl. Then we said our good byes (nap time in a serious way) and said we’d be in touch, and of course, pictures would be emailed shortly!

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  1. You tell J that when I pray for A’s bmom, I pray for M’s too and that I think of J often and am SO thankful for you all that you have this great relationship! I hope to meet her some day.

    It sounds like a GREAT way to spend another bday celebration. Whew! HOW many parties for a 1 year old?????

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