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Has anyone else had problems with blogger these past few days? It’s been down, running really slow and screwing up my comments! So if you’ve left one, I’m not ignoring them or rejecting them….apparently Blogger is doing that for me. Thanks—NOT. I guess the adage you get what you pay for rings true again!

On to happier things…..the Amazing Miss M. Last night, we had a few unassisted steps!! It was VERY thrilling for me and for her!! Tonight, she played peek-a-boo with a blanket–she was operating the blanket this time. Also, her new “thing” is to hug and love on any and all stuff animals….and pat them on the back like you would a baby! (ok, maybe I’m reading into it, but she’s consistent). It is sooo sweet!

She’s currently participating in a sleep-a-thon–3 hours worth of naps during the day, and atleast 11 hours of sleep at night. It’s not a bad thing, but I feel like I hardly see her! I’m looking forward to the weekend–no big plans at all (for once).

Queen Bees and Wannabes

Have you seen Mean Girls? Did it ring true? Did you know it was based on the aforementioned book? I finally got it out from our library (I requested it about 2 months ago!), and it’s REALLY good. Like I want to buy my own copy to be able to refer to it when the time comes, and so that I can start a few “habits” to help SuperGirl through the craziness that is 6th grade and beyond. She also has you check your baggage–what was difficult/easy/impacting you at that time of your life, which has been bringing up some crazy memories. I know which teen players I wasn’t in jr high/high school, but I’m not sure who I was, exactly. I don’t know that my “group” had a Queen Bee. I say “group” rather than “clique” because we were a widespanning bunch who included anyone. I also found the diagrams she included interesting–she has girls draw their school hallways and/or cafeterias, and label who hangs out where. It’s amazing that the groups are pretty much the same as they were in 1991, and that if pressed, I could draw a pretty good seating chart of my vintage cafeteria experience. And the long hallways (there were two) that connected the cafe to the rest of the school, and you’d have to wait there to be released to get to your next class. And people always went to the same hallway to wait, and you always stood in the same spot, with the same people.

Anyway, even if your girlie is far away from puberty, I think it’s worth a read! Some of it seems to be a bit dramatized, but who knows? At the time I remember being pretty dramatic myself.

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