All is Right with the World

Ok, so our DSL was down for about 48 hours. How do you know you spend too much time on the internet?? When you start to twitch because you can’t check your email or your blog. It’s true. And I even had diversions–Mother’s Day, West Wing finale, Grey’s Anatomy finale, Presidental Address, the small child, phone calls from friends, work, so on and so forth….and I was STILL twitchy. L got it up and running again last night and I feel much better.

So….my First Mother’s Day was a lovely experience. The Babe slept in til 8 am Saturday and Sunday–talk about the gift that keeps on giving. We went to dinner Saturday night (a better time then brunch for the Babe)at one of my favorite places, and L cooked for me Sunday night. He also finished several things around the house that have been bugging me, AND there’s a spa massage in my future.

We sent a package to J and to K–handprints of the babe with tons of pictures. We had stuff for J’s mom in J’s package (we don’t have her address). And of course, I wrote a somewhat mushy card to J.

The first Mother’s day card I actually recieved this year (so, ever, really)was from J–she sent me a little e-postcard. How sweet, incredible and undescribable is that? If last mother’s day you had told me what this mother’s day was going to be like, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. I keep pinching myself, but it’s very real!

Monkey girl’s new trick? Pushing her walking toy up against the loveseat, scaling it and climbing onto the loveseat. What I want to know is, where does she get this stuff from?!?!

The Approaching Date with the “Child Development Center” is definitely looming larger, but so far, so good. I’ve got all the forms filled out, including the one that will conveniently deduct each week’s fee from our checking account. How kind of them to take care of that for us. I wish she wasn’t in the phase where she cries everytime I leave the room, but she is. I am taking her to visit and play next week, so that I won’t be leaving her with total strangers on the 30th. We went to the Mall’s playland the other day, and she did just great–she immediately started exlporing and socializing, and even went several feet away from me, several minutes at a time where she wasn’t looking for me. Logically, I know she will be FINE and probably love it. Emotionally, I know it’s going to be harder than I’m even aware of right now. But we shall overcome, one way or another! I’m working mainly this summer with a gal who’s been through it with her own children, so I’ve warned her that the 30th may not be pretty. She tells me she understands!

Other Random Thing-I weigh 5 lbs less than I did this time last year. Bizarre because my “workouts” now consist of lugging the Babe everywhere and the occassional walk. Bizarre because I feel like I’ve haven’t been watching what I’m eating–AT ALL. But the doctor’s scale is the most unforgiving scale I’ve ever been on, and it tells me I’m 5 lbs less, so I’m going to believe it. 10lbs to go to get back to my “goal weight” from WW, back to a very healthy BMI, back into my summer clothes from “my skinny summer” of 2003. My doctor has set that as a goal for me–10lbs. In a way, it’s much less daunting than numbers I’ve been faced with before– 60lbs, 30lbs– 10lbs? That’s 2 bags of sugar. That’s 1/2 of the babe’s current weight. Surely I can lose 10lbs by next May. It’s always 10lbs, though, isn’t it?!?!

So I think that’s it for now. Grandma is on her way down for a visit–we can’t wait! She’ll get her after the Babe is down for the night, so we’ll see if the babe notices that she’s sleeping in the extra bed she’s got in her room in the AM!

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  1. Finally – someone else who can talk about the weight loss AFTER babe! TOo many friends post on our forum about GAINING weight, so I hate to talk there.

    Apparently, I spent the years leading up to our adoption STRESS EATING. (My #1 favorite way to deal w/ stress). Since baby A was born, I’ve gone down a size. And that’s WITHOUT running (who has time for that any more?) Although who has time to eat now? And I’m doing the serious stair-climbing in our house now that I have to go to the nursery every day and night. And I’m constantly running around to do things with/for him (and he’s not even overly mobile yet!!)

    All I can say is, this is the BEST exercise and healthy eating plan I’ve ever been on! Hurray for the new child training program!

  2. How funny–between lugging my new weight loss plan around (aka: baby), being sick a few times, and not eating all the junk during the week that I normally would have eaten at work, I probably lost about 15 lbs. I could stand to lose a few more. The only down side is that when I went back to work last week, most of my pants don’t fit me anymore, and I’m in pickle…They won’t let me wear my one-size-fits-all jammy pants that were my uniform while on maternity leave! 🙂

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