Visit #2

So today’s post is actually about the Babe’s actual adoption. Z turned 4 yesterday, and we were invited to his birthday party, so we had our 2nd visit with J & G since the Babe’s birth and hospital stay. Our first visit was in December, and then we tentatively set the next one to be around Z’s bday. So the invitation to the party was perfect!

For our first visit, we were nervous. This time though, it was more like going to see old friends we don’t see very often. It was at one of those hellacious Chuck E Cheese type places, our party was one of THREE going on in their “party room”. The upside to this was that there was lots going on, and the focus was on Z, and we were more like the “other” party guests as opposed to getting together for the sole purpose of them seeing the Babe.

So we chatted and visited and took lots of pictures. We saw J’s mom, G’s mom and grandma, Z’s bio dad, Z’s papaw (who is some relation to bio dad, but we’re not sure what), and several friends J had told us about. We saw the friend who came to visit J in the hospital, who has a little guy just a few weeks older than the Babe. She actually brought an outfit for the Babe–she said that she had intended to bring one to the hospital that day but didn’t have the chance!!!

We really did have a good time seeing everyone, and the Babe, was, as usual, a charmer. She smiled and cooed and let everyone hold her until she was past the point of tired. Even then, she was happy to bounce on my lap and play.

The weather was wonderful, and we spent sometime outside while Daddy and Z &G raced go-karts.

All in all, it was a good day and a great visit. We were concerned that the Babe would take the focus away from Z, but she didn’t. While everyone was happy to see her, it was still very much Z’s day, which is how it was supposed to be. We didn’t know if things would get very emotional, but they didn’t seem to be. It was like visiting friends or relatives we don’t see very often–very much like that. Which, for the moment, seems to be a good fit for us. We’ll see if it fits the Babe as she gets older!

I think we will get together in June sometime, and then again for the Babe’s first birthday (yikes!)….and then we’ll see where things lead us.

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  1. I am so excited that everything went smoothly. Your attitude regarding these visits is so awesome! I have no doubt the little one was a little charmer-she just can’t help it!

  2. The little Monkey and her great mom are poster children for open adoption!

    Hopefully, things will always continue to go well for these two families, and many people will learn that open adoption is not so scary or horrible.

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