Parenting from the Balcony, as Opposed to the Trenches

Yesterday started out to be a lovely spring day, so the Babe and I headed to my FAVORITE outdoor eatery to meet a girlfriend and her little guy. While we were waiting to be seated, I overheard a conversation which just points out how self-centered adults can really be.

A group of 5 casually dressed business people stand near me as we all wait for tables.

Man 1 says to Man 2: “Turns out, I don’t have my daughter this weekend.”

Man 2 says:”Oh–is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

Man 1:”Actually, it’s a good thing. See, usually I have her from Friday night til sometime on Sunday.”

Man 2: “Oh, so it’s party time?”

Man 1:”No, I think I’m just going to take it easy. Rick’s day off is Sunday, so he’ll want to do something together then–I think I need a day to just “be”, ya know? Having my daughter all weekend sometimes just sucks the life blood right out of me.”

Man 2: “Yeah, I know what you mean. After a long week at work, sometimes you just need to relax. This weekend my in-laws are in town–it’s crazy, I tell ya.”

Now of course, I don’t know the rest of the details surrounding the situation–I don’t know if Man 1’s daughter is particularly demanding or requiring 24 hour care. I know divorce is ugly, and that many parents by no fault of their own can’t be with their children as much as they would like.

But I’m sitting there, playing with the Babe who is happy as a lark in her little stroller, cooing and laughing and doing her thing. She was up at 4am, and then up for good at 7am. My day revolves around her, and I ‘m thankful when I get a shower in where I can actually close the door (she’s sleeping or otherwise occupied by daddy). And OK, lately I may be in need of a little me time myself.

But for Man 1, I’m thinking, Dude, what do you do in the evenings? Are you able to shower without having your ear constantly listening for baby discomfort? Do you get to grocery shop alone? Can you cook a meal without having something over or under done because you are interrupted? Can you drive and not have to sing crazy little songs to the wee one in the back seat? Dude, that’s ME time!

And they say kids are egocentric!

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  1. Because we waited so long for our child, one of my biggest prayers is that I NEVER take him for granted or wish our special time away. I don’t want to be like these men!

    Maybe that’s why I’m a woman….

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