Why I Love My Job

Ok, a month ago if you’d told me I would be posting about this, I would have laughed a horribly cynical laugh. Not this month.

So it’s now 7:50am. The Babe and I are due at work in 10 minutes. She is sound asleep-playing catch up from this weekend I think. She’s been asleep for 13 hours–the kind of sleep where she really hasn’t moved at all (yes, I’ve been checking that she is in fact, breathing). She shows no signs of stirring at the moment.

So I call into work, saying that I’ll be a bit late. Yesterday the Babe mostly stayed w/ me in the Bjorn because she just wasn’t happy any place else, and my boss appreciated my staying until my work day was done. Today she told me to just get to school as soon as I could–meaning, you know, as soon as the Babe woke up, had a ba, a bit of cereal or whatever….basically saying, it’s cool–you’re a Mom first, teacher second.

I love that.

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