Fun with Cousins!

This weekend the Babe got a lot of cousin time–cousins Scottie (3)and Danika (7 months) on Saturday, and Anna (3) and Noah (2) on Sunday. It was so much fun! Now that she can move around, it’s very cool to watch her interact with the other kids. Danika isn’t moving around yet, so I got to see that the Babe is somewhat of a bully already–just taking whatever was in Dani’s reach, leaving the poor child there, looking as if to say, “Um, excuse me, I was using that?!?” While the Babe crawls off with her trophy, pleased as punch. I know that 7 months is too young to expect sharing, but wow. That would be the ultimate example of egocentric, I suppose.

She wasn’t quite as easy going this trip as in trips past–much more resistant to napping in strange places, not so thrilled at sleeping in the pack and play, not totally sleeping the entire car trip—things, they are a changin’, unfortunately, just in time for Summer Car Trip season. Yikes!

The Babe also go to see, for the first time, I believe, Uncle Jon, “out from under the bushes” as Great Grandma would say. Uncle Jon was bribed , a ridiculous amount of money to shave off his crazy facial hair. In hindsight, he probably would have done it for much, much, less–like probably for less than $10. But it made for wacky family fun.

I’m just realizing that our new camera needs a USB cable that I don’t currently have . So much for posting pictures. Maybe next time.

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