Did I Do That?

This past week I received my collegealumni magazine. I was excited, because the Babe’s birth/adoption announcement was printed in the “Class Notes” section. L teases me about the “Class Notes” because really, it’s the only section I read every single issue. If there’s something interesting posted, within minutes of reading it my phone starts ringing–my Marian friends are ALL dedicated “Class Notes” readers. So we dish about births, weddngs, promotions and what nots.

But here’s where it gets cooler, and I think I played a part in it happening. In every issue of course, is an envelope so you can donate more money to our alma mater. On the envelope, there’s also a “We’d Love to Hear from You” plug–this is the section on which you can write your Class Note and send it in (preferably with a donation) if you don’t believe in email or whatever.

I happened to be glancing at said envelope and looking at the categories that qualify under “Class Notes”: New job/promotion; Weddings; Birth/Adoption!!!

This caught my eye because never before was this an option–it was always just birth. So now I am taking the credit for inspiring the magazine to add Adoption as something to submit to Class Notes. Who knows if it’s really how it happened, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. Yeah–good for you!! You are changing people’s understanding about how families can be built!!!
    Always good to see the reality in print too, I’m sure!

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