An Entry from the Babe

Hi Everyone!

Mommy left the blogging to me today because she’s busy trying to figure out her new job. Every day now we get up and get moving–no more lazing about, watching our friends Matt and Katie on the TV for us! Now we get moving and by 8am, I am with my good friend Mrs. G. Mom hands me off with a big kiss and Mrs. G. gives me a big hug! Then we get to work. Sometimes we make copies, sometimes we answer the phone, sometimes we file things–whatever it is, I try to help as much as I can. Sometimes we get to deliver things to the teachers and then I go on stroller rides!

All that work wears me out, so after awhile I take a break to play with some toys and then I lay down to nap in “my” room at school. When I wake up, it’s time to see Mommy and all 30 of the kids she teaches now. I get to sit at a big kid table and she feeds me my lunch while the rest of the class eats too.

Today after the kids went out to recess, she made a cubby just for me! Now I have a place to hang my vinyl bib, and store my food and what not. I have a cubby just like the big kids! I can’t wait to get my school book bag just like all of my new friends.

I love it! Actually, today I was so excited I got up at 5am (oops!) and had to take a little snoozer even before we got to school. Maybe that’s why Mommy’s putting on anothe pot of coffee right now. Hmm….

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