The Sweetest Thing

We just got the best email from J. Her computer’s been on the fritz since Christmas, so we haven’t heard much lately, but she’s still sending smoke signals so we know all is OK there. Anyway, I recently sent out a 6 month update to family and friends about the Babe. This time it was “written” by the Babe herself.

The sweetest thing is that J wrote back to the Babe directly this time. It’s really sweet, and says how proud she is that she’s almost crawling and of all the other fun stuff she’s doing. She wrote about Z, and some of the fun stuff he’s doing. I’m so glad that I’ll be able to print it out and save it for the Babe.

In other Babe news, Daddy is home after a long business trip. They’ve spent most of the weekend playing together and howling at each other, which has been a trip. We went to a baptism this morning–the little baby was SO little, SO scrunchy, SO blissfully sleepy and unaware of the world around him. **SIGH**

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