Trackable, Taxable Citizen #200,000,001

So the Babe’s SS# came today. That’s it. It’s all done, finito. The birth certificate came a few weeks ago, it was slightly anti-climatic because there was an error. A big one. Her BIRTHDATE was wrong. Yes, her birthdate. Whatever. Made a phone call, and surprisingly, we got the correct date with no hassle. This then enabled us to journey down to the SS office to apply for a card. The lady there said the card would arrive in 7-10 days and I’ll be damned if it didn’t show up on day #8.

I know she’s always been a citizen, but now it seems so much more official. Now it’s time for a bank account, a college account, and so on and so forth. AND we can file our taxes. And this year, that’s a good thing.

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