Nesting Pays

So turns out, when a babe is eminent, one way or another, mama bird has a strong desire to make everything as right with the world as possible. The garbage cans are clean, the toilets are scrubbed, the floor moulding shines, and the junk drawers are organized.

The best part though, is that in the junk drawer I found a *long* (like 5 yrs) forgotten gift certificate to the spa. I stopped in yesterday to see, if, by some grace of God, there was a credit left on it–and, ah ha–I am $52 in SPA CREDIT richer!! Can’t buy anything for the baby there, so I am goin in for my “pre-parent” facial on Tuesday!!

My house has NEVER been cleaner–between the showings that are still going on, and the little bit of insanity creeping in….I think I am in training to be a desperate housewife!!

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