Sick Day Survival Kit

A long, long, time ago, back when Blog was a boy, I posted about how much I love me a drive through window.

Today, I was caught off guard by a boy with oozing eyes. After a trip to the doc (double pink eye, lingering ear infection, still cutting 8 teeth- talk about a trifecta), it was time to hit the drive through pharmacy. I could have used a quick run in to grab some things, but Jr had fallen asleep and I wasn’t about to wake  him up. That’s when I got to thinking–those places with drive through pharmacies?

They could make a killing with a mom’s “Sick Day Survival Kit”.Turn in this ticket at the window, and when you drive back through to get the Rx, a bag can be waiting for you with your selections from the following:

Children’s Needs Chocolate Caffiene Alcohol Sanity Savers
Pain reliever 3Muskateers Bar 1 lb ground coffee 6 pack Coors Light People magazine
Formula 6pack Hershey’s bars 2L diet Coke 6 pack Mikes Hard lemonade Paperback novel
Diapers Jumbo bag M&Ms 32oz Chai Latte 1 bottle red wine Sudoku book
Teething meds 1 lb mixed chocolate 6 pack Red Bull 1 bottle Absolut Redbox DVD
New toy for entertianment Chocolate cake from bakery Case of Diet Coke 1 keg Lady from the deli to sit in your car so you can go into the store and wander aimlessly, in silence for a few minutes….

What do you think?? Did I forget anything?