How to Get out of Cooking for a Nearly a Week

Don’t get me wrong, I actually do like to cook. I like to cook when I have ingredients on hand, when I have time to put together a nice meal, and when I have time to sit down and enjoy said meal.  I like to cook when turning in the stove, oven, or grill won’t result in mass sweating by anyone who’s in the house. I like to cook when I’m really hungry, and want something warm to eat.

I don’t like cooking when it’s 90+ degrees out. It’s hot, it’s tiring, and while people need to eat in this heat, the hunger is different.

So, due to a perfect combination, I haven’t had to really cook since last Friday, I think.

Saturday night, I attended my 20th High School Reunion. I wrote about it on Persephone. It was a good time, and it involved a buffet, bar and fabulous dessert selections.

Sunday night, we picked up a roasted chicken at the grocery.

Monday we ate something, I don’t remember what it was. I know if anything, it only involved the microwave.

Me, smiling, because I'm not cooking!

Tuesday night, we went to Victory Field, and had a yummy picnic, compliments of Family of Farmers. Victory Field is SUCH a fun place to be, and if you can snag free food and beer, well, it’s even more fun. The fox was in his glory, watch “the guys” and MaM learned that “the thrower” is called the pitcher. We made it through five innings, I think, before we had to call it a night.

MaM was marginally aware there was a game being played. Marginally.



Guys! I can't wait to see the guys!

Wednesday night we went to the pool at the gym after work/school/day camp and fed the kids at the snack bar. Technically, I did microwave food for Bgk and I when we got home, but I don’t call that cooking.

Last night, we celebrated our tenth anniversary with dinner at Shula’s. I knew it was football-themed restaurant, but really wasn’t expecting the menu on the regulation football. But hey, it worked. And I didn’t have to cook! (Actually, it more than worked. A delicious steak dinner, with my honey, in a quiet, well air-conditioned restaurant, sans kids? I won’t lie- it was amazing!)

The steak menu was printed on the football, instead of the paper menu.




Take Me Out to the Ball Game: A Giveaway

Updated: The comments are now closed! The winner is BNPositive, comment #1 (how often does #1 win? seriously?) Congrats, Jason, and thanks everyone for playing along!!

It’s still Birthday Week here at Casa de Kahuna, and the fox is enjoying each and every one of his presents. It’s hard to say which is his favorite, but something he’s played with every chance he gets is his new Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set.

boy ready to hit a ball off of a batting tee
Play Ball!

He woke up Wednesday morning asking, “I play with my baseball toy now?” (unfortunately, we had to leave the house), and it was the first thing he reached for when we did get home that evening. This morning he started batting in his pajamas. It seems we’ve got a baseball fan on our hands.

The first team I ever rooted for was the New York Yankees, and I remember my dad and my uncle loading up the four of us cousins and taking us to Yankee Stadium for games. We had a team yearbook from the early 80s featuring Reggie Jackson, Goose Gossage & Bucky Dent.

When we moved to Indiana, we repeated the ritual, this time with the Cubs. It made sense, since at the time, the American League never met the National League except in the playoffs or local games. We quickly formed an allegiance to Ryne Sanberg, Rick Sutcliffe and manager Jim Frey. As kids, we lived the excitement of the Cubs getting into the pennant race in 1984, and everyone was singing the song, “Go Cubs Go”. Plus, we had the iconic Harry Carey on WGN.  (Did you know I knew a little about baseball?)

Here in Indianapolis, we don’t have a local major league team to root for, and it seems most grown ups root for their childhood favorites. We do, however, have a minor league team that plays at Victory Field, the Indianapolis Indians, and taking in a game is huge fun. We’ve taken the kids once, when the Fox was an infant, but we just haven’t made it to a game these past two summers (such a shame, I know).

We’ve got plans this summer though.




The Kahunas will be attending the Family of Farmers Night at Victory Field on July 19th! Whoo hoo.

Want to join us? (you don’t have to sit by us, honest)

Family of Farmers wants to give one lucky reader up to EIGHT tickets for July 19th’s 7pm game, and will provide the food and the fun for the night. How can you beat that??

To enter, there are three quick things to do: 1) Like Family of Farmers on Facebook (if you’re a facebooker). 2) Follow Family of Farmers on Twitter (if you’re a Tweep) 3) Leave ONE comment, preferably about baseball. What’s your favorite team? Did you play as a kid? Do you get to Victory Field? What’s your Fantasy Baseball team look like?

When you leave your comment, be sure to enter an email (on the form, not the comment itself) where you can be reached. The comments will be open until Tuesday, June 28th at 9pm. I’ll pick a comment via and  notify the winner via email and we’ll take it from there.

Good luck!

P.S. Comment moderation is on, so if you’re new here, welcome, and I’ll be approving comments as fast as I can!

Family Vacation 2011

About 12 hours the Chik-Fil-A Leadercast , we loaded up Kahuna One and headed south. We were Orlando bound, for a week of fun in the sun.

Fun and sun were had by all!

We had a full week of fun at my parents’ timeshare (thanks, Mom and Dad), complete with hours and hours of swimming by the pool, ice cream eating, and watching cable TV.

We also met the Mouse. If you’ve met the Mouse, you know that it’s an expensive venture. We were on the fence about doing it,  as I’m sure many parents are, because if your kid wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, you may as well have set fire to a couple of  hundred dollar bills and call it a day. (I wrote about the money aspect of our Disney visit at Persephone this week)

Guess what? The kids woke up on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED.

We got there in plenty of time to see the welcoming show and see Mickey open the park.

We met thirteen different characters, including three princesses, Mary Poppins, Woody & Jessie. They signed our autograph books and gave hugs and made the kids feel like a million bucks.

We rode fifteen rides, MaM rode three of them twice. There were no lines, the crowds were thin and navigating the park was easy.

We had a sit down lunch, which was perfect for cooling off and taking a  breather during the heat of the day.

We were actually able to stay through until the park’s fireworks finale.

A week later, the kids are still talking about it.

I love vacation.