Goodbye, July

We spent more time at home in July, and the amount of day camp laundry and Costco snacks we’ve plowed through shows it. Since the Fox has taken an interest in money, I’ve been using it to my advantage. Now he gets $2 for every load of laundry he does and $1 for having his day camp act together on time every morning.

July 4th was spent swimming and watching fireworks with friends, and many summer nights were spend walking the dog. I snuck away for a weekend with my oldest friends (I met them in 1987. I’m not kidding when I say oldest), MaM got some one on one time with grandparents, and the Fox and Leilan went on their first backpacking campout together.














Friday was the event the Fox has been waiting for – his second Swim Force swim meet. He signed up for two events, and despite having swum 2x that day at day camp (this was swimming week!), he gave it his all and was rewarded with two blue ribbons. And, more importantly to him, PIZZA. It was  fun night to cheer all the kids on and see how much they’ve all progressed. Swim Force continues to be a great way for him to keep developing his technique and build endurance. If your kids have passed out of lessons this summer, consider having them join Swim Force. It’s a great way to insure they’ll retain everything they’ve worked on!

I’m glad we kind of chilled out in July, because August is almost already completely booked. School starts August 2nd. August 3rd MaM will officially be a teenager. August 10th we’ll celebrate Catherine with a “C” turning 105. There’s also the State Fair, the Indy Fringe Festival and other family fun scheduled. And our pool doesn’t close til Labor Day

Disclosure: Thanks to Goldfish Swim School for partnering with us  to build my school-age swimmers’ confidence in exchange for my honest review of their programs! 

June is in the Rearview

Oh June, you were good to us.

There was road tripping, hotel living, swimming, sightseeing, family visits, friends visits, toes in the ocean and more. There’s also been a couple of weeks of summer camp, and some glorious “at home” days where no one goes anywhere.

The Fox turned TEN, which is surreal. He’s made his first major spending decision and purchased an XBox with his own money, He’s completed his first stint at Webelos overnight (!!!) camp, and well, I expect him to start shaving soon. 

Between the both kids, they’ve taken approximately 87 swim tests to swim at assorted pools and I’ve cut off just as many wristbands. As much as they roll their eyes to take yet ANOTHER swim test, I’m so glad that pools do this. No one wants to think about accidents and water rescues, but they happen every year.  Last year in Indiana alone, there were 114 drownings, 29 of which where children. Goldfish Swim School (our go-to place for swim lessons that include water safety) has joined the Indiana Drowning Prevention Coalition .

This coalition exists simply to prevent the unthinkable from happening, and teaching water safety is a huge component of that.

Yes, kids, you’re going to take another swim test before the lifeguards let you in the deep end. Again.

Yes, kids, you’re going to take a swim break as dictated by pool policy to give yourselves a break and for the staff to clear the pool.

No, kids, you can’t swim in the hotel pool unless Dad or I are in the room watching you. Yes, you’ll have to get out if we, even if only to go to the front desk for something.

No, kids, we’re not getting in the water if there’s a double red flag. Or if it’s thundering. Or if there’s anything that makes it unsafe.

Summer is more fun anyway when everyone’s being safe. Here’s to July being just as much fun and waterlogged as June!

(Haven’t signed up for swim lessons yet? It’s not too late to register for a July Jump-Start clinic – 5 lessons in 5 days and you’re done!)

School’s Out for Summer!

May 30th wrapped up 7th grade and 4th grade respectively for the Kahuna kids.

From the way back machine: the Fox has always been a water bug.

WIth spring bypassing the midwest, we are on about the third week of summer weather. The grass is parched, the pools are the perfect temp and the A/C is on. We headed to our community pool on Saturday, and the guys got their first sunburn of the season. The weather was hot, the pool was inviting and the sunscreen may have rolled under a lounge chair or two, I don’t really know.

What I do know is that I was next to a group of moms and kids who were also taking their first dip of the season in the outdoor pool. As one of the girls jumped in and floundered a bit,I overheard her mom say, “She really does need another round of swim lessons this summer. She knew all the strokes last year, but she’s forgotten.”

I refrained myself from reciting the benefits of swimming year round. I didn’t lean over and give her the number to the metro area’s Goldfish Swim School, but I wanted to.  Jump Start Clinics start next week and kids get five lessons in a row for maximum mastery.  Seriously – don’t drag lessons out for weeks and weeks this summer. Get into a Jump Start clinic and get on with your summer!

Disclosure: Thanks to Goldfish Swim School for partnering with us  to build my school-age swimmers’ confidence in exchange for my honest review of their programs!