Firsts, thirteenths, one-hundred-fifths and more

We knew going into it August was going to be a whirlwind. We weren’t wrong.

First day of school – eighth grade and fifth grade.. MaM’s thirteenth birthday and her first rated PG-13 movie at the theater.  It was the first time I attended the Family of Farmers  State Fair day by myself. Trip one to Chicago to celebrate my sil’s fortieth birthday with our first taste of Korean BBQ and first time at family karaoke. Celebrating my grandma’s ONE-HUNDRED-FIFTH birthday, which was special and incredible and a day we’ll always remember. Our second trip north on for the month was our first visit to family in Wisconsin.

The Fox completed his twentieth month of consecutive swim lessons  at Goldfish Swim School, and held his own when kids challenged him to swim at the Y.  It was our third month of enjoying the neighborhood pool.

It was the first time for me to present at a digital marketing conference. I really enjoyed the experience, even though it was kind of all consuming the week of the conference.

And that was August. You understand if I don’t surface again til October, right?



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