It’s Been a Decade (full of cake, laughs, and love)

You know you’ve been blogging a long time when you peek back to your past posts about your wedding anniversary and um, there are FIVE of them (all of which I linked up nicely last year).

Tomorrow is our TENTH wedding anniversary. How is that even possible?

This past weekend my parents surprised us with an anniversary ice cream cake that we all enjoyed. My family has a thing about taking pictures in front of cakes (does everyone do this? or is it just us?), and Sunday was no exception.

Our cake ten years ago
Our cake, ten years later!











It probably sounds corny, but life keeps getting sweeter. I can’t imagine taking on the world without the guy I’ve been eating cake with for the past ten years.

Happy Anniversary, BgK– I Love You!

The Best Gift I’ve Ever Given

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When I saw the call to think back the the best gift I’ve ever given, I knew right away what I would write about. Just last month, BgK turned 40. He walked a marathon, had a luncheon, a family dinner, a family party and a lovely dinner at Navy Pier with me to celebrate. You might think that all of the celebrating might have overshadowed the gifts. It didn’t.

For years now, BgK has been getting me baubles and pretties at a jewelry store the kids call “the Pink Tower”. This year, for his 40th birthday, I decided that it was his turn to get present from the Pink Tower. He likes to wear a ring on his right hand, and the one that I got him years ago was getting worn and bent.

I picked out a manly celtic knot ring, and the salesman wrapped it up in their signature box and bag. When we went out for our family dinner, I kept the package hidden until we’d ordered. MaM was bursting to give him the dish she’d painted (to hold his rings), and he opened that first. He was delighted with her offering, and even took his rings off to see how they would fit.

Then I presented him with the box from “the Pink Tower”. It was kind of like one of those cheesy jewelry store commercials, he was shocked and excited at the same time. The ring wasn’t the right size, his size wasn’t in stock. It didn’t matter, he looked and admired and jumped out of his seat to give me a hug and a kiss. And for the rest of the evening, and the rest of the weekend, he randomly thanked me.

I knew he liked it, but I was watching to see what would happen next. He needed to get the ring sized, and I figured that would be the test of whether or not he really liked it. If the ring sat there for weeks, without getting sized, well then, so be it.

Monday night, which was the first chance he had to get to the jewelry store, and he went straight there.

The ring came in a week later, and he now wears it every day.


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He’s Doing It!

As I sit here drinking coffee, my husband is out walking a marathon.


As in 26.2 miles. In 30 degree weather.

Isn’t that crazy cool??

If you are browsing blogs this morning, please take two seconds to follow him on Twitter — and help him make it through! He’s been out there for about three hours and is at the halfway point.

I’ve done 1/2 marathons before, but never even envisioned doing two of those back-to-back. But he’s been diligent, and racking up miles each week, in the dark and cold to get ready for today. Isn’t that amazing?

Mile 11 on Twitpic

Still got two twinkies. TY for your support. Not you! twinkies. on Twitpic

And yes, he’s being fueled by Twinkies.