Crystal Meth for Babies

Ok, see, I’m more inclined to call it “Crack for Babies” rather than Meth, but since that’s the new crack, I’m trying to be hip. Anyway, we had our first hard-core Baby Einstein moment today.

So those of you who’ve only met me virtually know I’m a little off the beaten path with the floor bed and the attmept at adoptive breastfeeding. As far as the rest of it goes : I’m a little more middle of the road when it comes to food (thought about making my own, then bought a few jars and haven’t felt the need change), damn wasteful when it comes to diapers (disposable), and rather anti-TV/anit-commercialized crap for children in general. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

So this afternoon the Babe is drooling like there is no tomorrow, her top teeth are almost through–she’s had a crap nap, and to top it off is still so tired she bangs her head on the coffee table. She’s not hungry, won’t sleep and is just in a foul mood. Not common.

Knowing that I’ve got the next several hours to power through solo, I pop in Baby Einstein’s “Baby Monet”. I figure it can’t hurt. Within 4 seconds she’s GIGGLING at the freakin’ zebras. It’s a little scary. And the girl who only scoots backward somehow gets closer to the TV. and 30 minutes later she’s in a MUCH better mood.

Several weeks ago Julie, over at A Little made a FABULOUS version of her own Baby E video, and mainly pointed out how dumb yet effective they were.

I have to agree. And in the marathon that is the rearing of a child, it’s a nice litle rest station.

She’s Officially in the Clan

Our day in court went swimmingly well–everything is signed ,sealed and delivered to the appropriate parties. Our day:

6am–L heads to work early

7:30am: I get up, bake celebratory brownies and begin the straighten to the house

10 am: We get the call from the Dr’s office that Baby kahuna’s chest x-ray is negative! No pnuemonia! Phew….

12noon: Grandma arrives, Baby Kahuna gets a bath

12:30pm: Grandpa arrives, I head upstairs to get dressed

1pm:We leave for court

1:30pm:We make it through the metal detectors, turns out baby’s carseat is NOT harboring weapons or any items forbidden in the courthouse

1:45pm: We meet Daddy upstairs, and hang out….the Judge isn’t back from lunch.

2pm: Our attorney and paralegal arrive–we finally meet the people we’ve talked to over the phone. Turns out our lawyer is 77 and loving life! Who knew?

2:15pm:Our day in court! The very nice judge invites us into the “big” court room. L takes the witness stand, then I do. We answer questions like how long we’ve been married, how we got the baby, have we met the “natural” parents. Our attorney found it strange that we’d met the “natural” parents–we were rather offhanded about it, but you could tell he was curious!

2:30pm: The Judge grants the adoption decree! I notice grandma dabbing her eyes. Baby Kahuna continues to eat/sleep blissfully in Grandpa’s arms. We wake her up for pictures with the Judge. She baptizes me as “MOM” with spit-up all over me….par for the course. We head out of the court room with our party of happiness–and meet in the waiting room the next families up–seven siblings being adopted between two families. They looked pretty happy too. 🙂

All told, it was painless and happy. Rather anti-climatic, but a bit of a relief. Found out we won’t get a birth certificate til after the first of the year, so her fortune will have to sit in our savings account for a bit longer. (no SS#, no banking!)

She is now peacefully sleeping on Daddy’s chest, as if to say,”Yup, I’m home!” Actually, I think she’s known it all along.