June is in the Rearview

Oh June, you were good to us.

There was road tripping, hotel living, swimming, sightseeing, family visits, friends visits, toes in the ocean and more. There’s also been a couple of weeks of summer camp, and some glorious “at home” days where no one goes anywhere.

The Fox turned TEN, which is surreal. He’s made his first major spending decision and purchased an XBox with his own money, He’s completed his first stint at Webelos overnight (!!!) camp, and well, I expect him to start shaving soon. 

Between the both kids, they’ve taken approximately 87 swim tests to swim at assorted pools and I’ve cut off just as many wristbands. As much as they roll their eyes to take yet ANOTHER swim test, I’m so glad that pools do this. No one wants to think about accidents and water rescues, but they happen every year.  Last year in Indiana alone, there were 114 drownings, 29 of which where children. Goldfish Swim School (our go-to place for swim lessons that include water safety) has joined the Indiana Drowning Prevention Coalition .

This coalition exists simply to prevent the unthinkable from happening, and teaching water safety is a huge component of that.

Yes, kids, you’re going to take another swim test before the lifeguards let you in the deep end. Again.

Yes, kids, you’re going to take a swim break as dictated by pool policy to give yourselves a break and for the staff to clear the pool.

No, kids, you can’t swim in the hotel pool unless Dad or I are in the room watching you. Yes, you’ll have to get out if we, even if only to go to the front desk for something.

No, kids, we’re not getting in the water if there’s a double red flag. Or if it’s thundering. Or if there’s anything that makes it unsafe.

Summer is more fun anyway when everyone’s being safe. Here’s to July being just as much fun and waterlogged as June!

(Haven’t signed up for swim lessons yet? It’s not too late to register for a July Jump-Start clinic – 5 lessons in 5 days and you’re done!)

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