Happy Birthday to You, You’re a Hundred and Two

Everyone knows that song, right? Have you ever sung it for real though? To someone who is 102 years old? We did this weekend. I kid you not.

12032855_580107128804755_1511441527788233028_o102nd birthday half sheet cakeThis past Saturday, my Grandma turned 102. My parents and brother went to her assisted living center for lunch, and watched her receive guests as the all wished her well and thanked her for the cake. Sunday, our whole family celebrated with her with a lunch in her honor at my parents house. She sang songs, she told stories, we watched YouTube videos featuring “the Peabody” dance. She’s decided she was so thin back then because the dance is really fast and she must have burned a lot of calories dancing.12113546_580107465471388_4966567115213973708_o

Megan re-wrote the birthday song, because she didn’t want to insult her great grandma. I think I like her version better:

Happy birthday to you,

You’re one hundred and two,12094984_580107445471390_3497114865259477831_o

You smell like a FLOWER, 


Smart kid.

Anyway, it was full day of celebrating, complete with ice cream cake. And she wasn’t about to take any help when it came to blowing out the candles!


Selfie with the birthday girl!
Selfie with the birthday girl!

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  1. Amazing. It is such a blessing to have grandparents still around, and especially for those great-grandchildren to know their GGs! She looks spry- definitely sweet! Bet she’s a bit sassy, too.

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