Powering Up for the Holidays

We saw the first flurries of snow this week, which means that it’s official- winter is coming. With that, the holidays are coming. A whole lot happens between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, so I like to do leg work before things kick into high gear. A little planning and a little stocking up can make for a much smoother holiday season.

Here are a couple of things I do between Halloween and Thanksgiving:

Update the Calendar- I like to update the calendar with events that I know are happening, and where that leaves us. One day I’ve learned to prioritize is wrapping day- a week day that I spend with friends, you guessed it- wrapping presents. It’s a lot more fun that wrapping things late at night by myself, and it’s a good way to make sure the shopping gets done. I also usually pencil in baking days, since it’s time consuming. I make a deadline for holiday cards, and pencil in days I think I can make it to the stores for shopping. It’s a bit intense but it helps everything go much more smoothly.


Stock Up on Essentials-Essentials for the holidays include butter, tape, candy canes and Duracell batteries.. I always underestimate how much butter holiday baking calls for, so I start buying early. Decorations, craft projects, and of course, presents, all require tape. Candy canes add a bit of holiday flair to everything from mugs of cocoa after looking at lights, to a fun gift topper. Duracell batteries are a must- they’re needed in everything from the singing snowmen, electric holiday candles,handheld games for long car rides, and about 100 other things. We trust Duracell to keep everything powered up all season long. The Fox is my official battery monitor- he reminds me which sizes are needed for what on a regular basis.

The fox is very aware of how to keep the controllers powered up.
The fox is very aware of how to keep the controllers powered up.


“Mom? The _________ is dead. It takes AAA batteries. Do we have those?”

“Oh the new air matress takes batteries? What kind?”

“Mom, did you remember to by the C batteries?”

This kid seems to know that having batteries on hand doesn’t help if they’re the wrong size. By far, we use more AA batteries than any other kind, so I always keep those stocked.He’s probably the most interested in batteries because many of his favorite things require them. Thankfully, his memory is like a steel trap, and whenever we’re shopping, he lets me know what batteries we need.

Rest Up for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year- I know we’ll be on people, places, and things overload as soon Thanksgiving weekend starts. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But it’s more fun if we’re all well rested. So we tend to hang low in November- lots of movie nights in and afternoons spent around the house. This way, when the fun starts, we’re ready for it mentally and physically! As soon as Duracell invents a mom-energy boosting battery, I’ll be all over it!


Thanks to Duracell and SheSpeaks for sponsoring today’s post.

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