Today’s the first day of summer AND the boy is turning six. On June 1, he came down stairs and announced, “It’s my birth month!” and he’s been angling for special treatment ever since.

“It’s my birth month- do I have to put my clothes in the hamper?”
“It’s my birth month- can I pick a Netflix show first?”

“It’s my birth month! I get the last popsicle!”

The kid is turning six and owning it. Like father like son.

The list goes on and on. Kindergarten finished last month, and I have to say, not only is he ready for first grade, he’s probably ready to get a job and move out on his own.

He’s growing up so fast- I really can pass on our board books, and our Bob books, and a lot of “preschool” toys.

He can swim like a fish, and has had a blast with his first team sport= teeball.

He’s obsessed with Skylanders, and Plants vs. Zombies, and Hot Wheels videos that some guy narrates on You Tube.

And he’s still as sweet as he was as a toddler, generous with hugs and kisses and the random, “Mom, I love you” that I never,ever get tired of hearing.

Six will bring more team sports, more reading, more Skylanders and more of all the things I love about him. I think I’m liking six already.


Running into home!
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy, We Love You!

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