Sochi! Sushi! Slushie!

Sochi! Sushi! Slushi! (1)The Winter Olympics are in high gear, and we are having fun watching snippets of coverage together. Of course, to watch, we have to push the furniture back, because our kids are doers. We’ve extended bedtime for figure skating and skeleton, and I expect to do the same a few more times before it’s all over. We also have our own chant that goes, “Sochi!” (TV) ” “Sushi!” (M) “Slushie!” (A) It’s hilarious, even a week in.

The kids are brushing up on the flags and geography, and dreaming bigger than basketball and gymnastics. The third grade has been learning about the sport of curling, and every so often she’ll bust out an Olympic fact or two, like, ” Did you know that the Olympic rings are all the colors for all the flags in the world?” (Uh, why no, no I didn’t.)

I showed MaM a photo of Katie U that popped up in my Twitter stream, and we both fan-girled out for a few minutes.





Since Skeleton wrapped up earlier this week, we turned our attention to the bobsled. They figured out how to work together, and MaM also noticed that they use the same track as the Skeleton. Bobsledding does have the added benefit of being able to decorate your sled.

We still have a few more days to enjoy the spectacle. It’s totally worth ditching bedtime for every four years.



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  1. I didn’t think our family was into the Olympics until we accidentally turned it on one night. Then none of us wanted to turn it off. My husband even DVRd the Curling the next day!

  2. We have been having so much fun – both kids & adults! My favorite moment was when Zoe (5) said, “Wait a minute?! Sledding is an OLYMPIC sport?!” Love that little kid spirit of “that could be me!” 😉

  3. I’ve loved watching your videos of the kids “bobsledding” this week. But really, I was hoping this post was going to include a recipe for an Olympic-size adult slushie. I could use one.

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