Five Signs Your Kids are Done with Winter

winterslippersJanuary has been relentless. It has been cold, it has been snowy. Colder, and snowier than any winter in recent history. It’s a white-washed kind of Groundhog Day. What’s funny is that it’s not just me unsettled by the this weather. My born & raised Chicago husband came in the other day from shoveling for the 200th time and said, “It’s cold out,” which is not something he usually notices. It’s January 25 and the kids have been to school nine days this month. Four (?) of those days started late, one of those days ended early. The kids are over it. Here’s how I know:

1.) Me: ” It’s snowed last night! Do you want to go out and play in it?” ┬áThem:”Meh. Where are my slippers?”

2.) See number one. Both children are wearing slippers. By choice. In the house. Their feet have been so cold, they’ve actually noticed.

3.) If I can’t find them, I look next to our new space heater.

4.) The five year old continually asks when it will be summer.

5.) The eight year old says, “I just want to go to school on time, for the whole day.”


So we’re wearing our long underwear, drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow. Is anyone at your house NOT over winter yet?

3 Replies to “Five Signs Your Kids are Done with Winter”

  1. I just think it’s downright rude of Mother Nature to toss all this gorgeous snow at our feet, pile it high in huge drifts, then proceed to drop temps to the point of uncovered flesh freezing in a matter of minutes. I am looking forward to a day or two this weekend where it’s at least above 20 degrees so we can break in the new snowboard we got for Christmas! And go sledding again. I remember snow like this from my youth, but not these frigid temps preventing the FUN in the snow!!!

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