My Life at the Movies and the New College Park Studio Movie Grill {A Giveaway}

I don’t see movies like a used to (last week was an awesome exception)- but when I do, I like to make sure that I’m seeing something worth seeing on the big screen. There are a few movies I remember seeing quite vividly from my younger days, either because they were extremely good or something memorable happened before, during or after the show. I worked at a movie theater on college breaks, so my knowledge of early 90s major motion pictures far surpasses any other time period.

In no particular order, here are some movie memories of mine:

Seeing E. T. in the theater, at night, while my grandma was visiting. It was kind of a big deal.

Going to see Snow White on the silver screen with my aunt. I was a young teen, and felt a little silly seeing a cartoon in the theater, but it was summer break, I was visiting family on my own, and why the heck not?

Trying to see Men at Work. This is something my high school friends I still laugh about, and I think it’s the only movie I’ve ever walked out of. I don’t know if the movie was actually that awful, or if we were just restless teens wanting to do something else, but after about fifteen minutes, the whole group of us got up and left.

Going to see Death Becomes Her. I only remember this because I totally screwed up, and told my friend that we were going to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the days before cell phones, we didn’t catch up with her until after the show.

Going to see Sleeping with Enemy and Silence of the Lambs, only because my friend’s mom asked, “How was Sleeping with the Sheep?”

Going to see Forrest Gump in a sold out theater…because the physical film jammed, and snapped in two and melted onto the projector for a second. And my friend Jason was the manager who had to calm the masses, and the movie had to be spliced together (not uncommon).

My first date with Leilan was to go see Mr. Bean’s movie known as Bean at a dollar theater.

My other random memory comes from going to see American Pie with friends at a now defunct movie bar and grill. It was Long Island Iced Tea night, and we laughed SO HARD. I’ve often longed for another movie bar and grill to come along, to enable more exceptional movie experiences like that one.


SMG-LogoStudio Movie Grill has come to town, and it’s offering everything thing I love about the movies! Their newest location is located on the northwest side, at 3535 West 86th Street.

There are movies! There are drinks! There are munchies! There are times to be had with friends! 

And I supposed kids would like the idea of a “movie dinner” at the theater too. (Kids eat free with purchase of an adult entree on Thursday nights for a limited time; also, it should be noted there’s no minimum order, so you don’t have to order food.)

Want to enter to win your own four pack of tickets? (Take your family! Take your friends! It’s up to you)

It’s easy!




There are several ways to enter this giveaway-

1)*  Go like my Facebook page: It’s lonely. It needs fans. Once you’ve liked it, come back here and leave a comment telling me that you did.

Additional Entries after #1 is complete:

2) Leave a comment with a movie memory!

3) Share this giveaway on Twitter or on Facebook and leave a comment with the link telling me that you did.

That’s it! Thanks for playing. Several winners will be chosen and notified on October 30th around 9pm. Winners will have 24 hours to respond, if there’s no response, a new winner will be chosen. Two notes about these passes: the only restriction for viewing is that they are not accepted for movies on the “no pass” list- so check it before you go; they are also valid until mid-November. So get out your calendar and make a movie date soon!

Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was furnished with passes as prizes for this giveaway, as well as passes for my family to enjoy. My fondness for Long Islands while watching raunchy movies is completely my own.


11 Replies to “My Life at the Movies and the New College Park Studio Movie Grill {A Giveaway}”

  1. First movie I remember seeing as a kid was Pete’s Dragon…and I remember going to watch E.T. with my grandmother and being VERY uncomfortable when “penis breath” was uttered!

  2. I remember as a kid, going to see “Ghostbusters” at the Sky Vue Drive-In outside New Castle. I couldn’t hold it, and HAD to go to the bathroom right as they turned off the containment unit.

    This is when I learned not to drink so much soda at the movies.

  3. One of my favorite movie memories is seeing Bambi at a drive-in when I was very little. My dad took me to the restroom when Bambi’s mommy died, which makes this memory even sweeter.

  4. I’ve Liked, Shared and Tweeted! The movie memory that sticks out most to me? Probably seeing Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 36 times… in the theater! Glad I could say I somewhat had a part in bringing you and the Kahuna together!

  5. I’m in. I remember camping out for the first Star Wars (or is it the the IV?) Movies are the one thing I love sharing with my kids. The moment someone re-releases ET in the theatre, I am taking the kids. THere are just some things that have to be experienced on the big screen.

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