Green BEAN Delivery Right to Your Door: You Can’t BEET It {promo code! and a recipe!}

The older I get, the more truth I see in the movie Groundhog Day. I wake up, I feed the children, I go to the grocery, I feed the children, I do some laundry, I feed the children…you get the idea. We are always eating, and as a result, I am always at the grocery store. I can buy a lot of things in bulk to minimize my trips, but fresh produce is something I can only buy so much of at a time. Which means every few days, I have to go to the store to buy apples and peaches and grapes.

Enter Green B.E.A.N Delivery.

Green B.E.A.N Delivery delivers fresh, often organic, often local produce to your door. Each week (or every other week, you decide), you are emailed a list of what will arrive in your bin, and the you have a few days to make substitutions or add additional items that are featured on their website.

We had our first delivery last week, and it was like having a treasure chest sitting at our front door when we got home on Tuesday. I immediately cut up the pineapple, and washed the grapes. I made a salad with the Bibb lettuce, and set the peppers aside for fajitas later this week.

Green Bean Delivery Bin

Then I unpacked the beets. Beets are something I’ve never cooked before.

I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so I looked around online. It turns out, you can roast beets just as they are, wrapped in foil, just like potatoes. When they are done, the skins slide right off ,and you can eat them warm or cool. You can eat them as a side dish, or in a salad.


I ended up making this:



I used the lettuce from our bin, and two beets to make this amazing salad. I sliced the beets, added the lettuce, tossed a little balsamic vinegar and oil in, and then topped with walnuts and goat cheese.

Hooray for trying new vegetables!!

I loved having produce waiting for me at my doorstep. I can see it cutting down on trips to the store, and also adding variety to our diet. Signing up for Green B.E.A.N. Delivery is easy, and if you’re ready to try it, have I got a deal for you- just keep reading.

PROMO CODE FOR $15 OFF (through October 14, 2013)

If you are a new customer, or if you’ve had deliveries in the past but your account isn’t currently active, simply enter this code: 15GBml for $15 off your first order! This code is good through Monday, October 14th, so head on over already.

Disclosure: Green B.E.A.N. Delivery provided me with a free bin of produce for my honest review. My opinions are entirely my own, and I tried the beets on my own accord. 


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