Celebrating Catherine with a “C”

My family did something this weekend we’ve never done before.

We celebrated my Grandma’s 100th birthday. My dad’s entire extended family came from all over the country to celebrate his mom, my grandma.

When you tell people that your grandma is turning 100, they tend to delicately ask how her health is. Fortunately, she’s as spry as an 80 year old. She walked into the party on her own steam, and spent the entire evening visiting with people who came to see her.

Grandma's Party1

We got to meet long-lost cousins, who last remembered me as a toddler. The kids played with cousins they knew, and cousins (first cousins twice removed?) they just met. It didn’t matter- they were all there to party. Everyone did take a little time out to get pictures with the birthday girl.


The photo on the top right of this collage is my Dad (tall guy in the back) and all of his cousins. My grandma was one of five, and this crew grew up together in the 50s and 60s. There was a great slide show from days gone by, that was really fun to watch.

Grandma's Partyfam

We even managed to get our portion of the family together!

Technically, she doesn’t turn 100 until October 17th. But at this point, no one’s really counting. She’s earned the right to say she’s 100.

12 Replies to “Celebrating Catherine with a “C””

  1. Hurray for being 100! Looks like a fun party! Happy birthday to her! How great for your dad’s whole family to come. And your parents must now be ready to sleep for a week, after organizing that big a party… šŸ™‚

  2. Aww what a sweet family! But I missed – why the “with a C” – did she always have to tell people her name started with a “C”? Happy birthday to Catherine!

    1. Good question! It started when she moved into her current assisted living facility…she’s known there as Catherine with a C. And she is all about her initial on everything!!

    1. Thanks, Angie! In the past few years, she’s certainly developed a strong sense of what she does and does not want- it’s rather amusing. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the crown on more than one ocassion!

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