Last week I mentioned to Andrew that when it was finally June 21, when he woke up he would be five. Being born at 2:29am has its privileges, right?

Every morning this week he woke up and asked, “Am I five yet?”

Friday I finally got to say, yes, yes indeed you are young man.

We spent the day with grandparents and friends at his birthday party. We swam. We ate his favorite foods and of course there was cake. There was also present or 13.


As he was falling asleep last night he asked me, “When I wake up tomorrow, will I still be five?”

I was so happy to say yes.

Yes, we have one entire year of all the fabulous that is five.

One entire year of being old enough to reach things, but still appreciate some help.

One entire year (well, 180 days) of the magic that is kindergarten.

One entire year, I hope (and I’ll take longer) of still liking Thomas the Tank Engine and Chuck Trucks.

One entire year of being able to handle a full day of activity, but still falling asleep on the way home.

One entire year of kisses on the mouth and hugs so hard I might burst, and not being embarrassed to give them to me in front of his friends.

One full year of five.

I love it already.

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