Giveaway: Kids Kickstarter Photography Class

What? What? Two blog posts in one week? I know.
Today I’m excited to tell you about a class that’s happening right here on the Northside, through Indy Photo Coach. It’s a class for school-age kids (7-12) that will give them the basics and then some of point and shoot photography. IPC is a small, local photography school. A version of this class have been taught through the YMCA summer camp program, and now it’s time to offer it in weekly format. The class has been designed by an elementary school teach with a background in photography, as well as a mom-tographer.
photo by Darrell Luepnitz

Here’s a description from Indy Photo Coach: The Kickstarter Photography class ( is for kids 7 – 12. It will take place at a fabulous park on the southern border of Fishers and Carmel over three Saturdays in April. The cost for nine hours of lessons is $120.

MaM has been watching daddy take pictures from, well, birth. I’m excited to see how she starts to see the world through her own lens during this class! Kids with cameras are just cute, don’t you think?
Photo by Jennifer Whitis Sheets
 So now here’s the fun part!!! I am giving away one spot in the class to a lucky reader (really, thanks for clicking through and reading, I appreciate it)- just follow the directions in the Rafflecopter below.

Also, Gotchababy readers have a special discount code to use when registering for the class, which will get you $15 off of the class – just enter the code GOTCHA when prompted.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Indy Photo Coach for offering this fun opportunity!
Disclosure: MaM will be attending this class in exchange for running this giveaway!
photo by Kathy Bowers Oneacre

6 Replies to “Giveaway: Kids Kickstarter Photography Class”

  1. I kind of wish this was a mommy & me class. I could use some photography help! The princess needs it more though. I’ve deleted many many pictures of the floor and random elbows.

  2. Shutterbug … guilty as charged (and I learned to use my camera through IPC)! Elena is a budding photographer as well, and would love this. We’re taking on online class together on iphoneography that’s been super fun.

  3. I’d love to send the tween to this class! She just got a snazzy new camera for Christmas and has an exciting class trip to Niagara Falls in May! This is perfect timing for her to learn.

  4. My family is very creative, and my eldest has begun playing with camera’s. He has sever ADHD, and it’s wonderful to see him be able to focus. It’s like he can watch how things work through the lens. It’s just a great talent that I want to encourage, and something that I/we can do with him.

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