On Being a Field Trip Mom (and 4 Reasons You Should Be One Too)

Just before the boy started Fall Break,  I did something I’ve never done before. I was a driver/chaperone for a field trip to the fantastic Holliday Park for the Fox’s class.

I mean, I’ve been on field trips before, obviously. But I’ve never been just a parent on a field trip.

It’s kind of delightful.

Listening intently to the naturalist.

The teachers told me who to take. The teachers told me where to go. All I needed to do was herd my gaggle of boys there. I should say, that even though it rained the entire time we were there, the group had a fun time. Once the thunder stopped, we actually hiked in the woods, in the rain, for a good 45 minutes. It’s not anything I would have normally done with my kids, which made the experience even better.

Out in the rain, watching the rain.

Here are few more reasons why you should say YES! the next time you have the chance to chaperone:

1) You get to see your child in his element up close.

2) You get to see his friends in their element, up close.

3) Mostly, your job is to keep track of a few children. It’s oddly a whole lot easier than keeping track of your own children in public.

4) Your kid will grin ear-to-ear, if you catch them young enough. I imagine that in junior high, nothing is more embaressing than your mom chaperoning a trip. But at four? Having your mom right there while you check out a frog is pretty much the best thing ever.



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