Indiana State Fair: The Year of the Dairy Cows {a Giveaway}(closed)

Edited 7/25: This giveaway is now closed. I am contacting the winner via email tonight! Thanks for playing! The only thing I don’t like about the Indiana State Fair is that it signals the end of summer. Other than that, it’s the icing on my proverbial summer cake. It’s everything that is special about Indiana, all rolled into a two week blitz on the corner of E. 38th Street.

One of the highlights from the 2011 Fair

There is  food.

There are animals.

There is a Midway full of entertainment.

There are displays and sideshows and cheese sculpture.

There are things that you just have to see to believe (have you seen the world’s largest boar? It’s kind of a State Fair “thing”).

There is also something that just says “Hoosier” to me. For the second year, Indiana Family of Farmers is partnering with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry (FIsH) to donate one pound of food for every State Fair visitor who completes the Recipe Trail.

The Recipe Trail, you ask?

The Recipe Trail consists of 8 locations around the Fairgrounds, plus one more stop at the Indiana Family of Farmer’s booth in the DuPont Food Pavilion for the 9th and final card. Upon finishing the trail, participants will receive a prize, plus an entry for a Frigidaire chest freezer. More details and the official rules can be found on IFOF’s website.

This year the Indiana State Fair is honoring the Dairy Cow (somewhat related: Indiana is #2 in the nation for ice cream and frozen yogurt production). Be on the look out for Indiana’s Dairy mascot, Buttercup. Rumor has it she’s going to be celebrating the duration of the fair!

As part of that celebration, Indiana Family of Farmer’s provided a fun giveaway- this year, in addition to TWO tickets for admission to the Indiana State Fair, the lucky winner will also receive a set of Dairy coupons (2 Milkshakes, 2 Grilled Cheeses, 2 Kids Meals)!

To win, leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about the Indiana State Fair, or if you’ve never been, tell me why you’d like to go.

Additional ways to enter (for each thing you do, leave an additional comment telling me what you did)

1)Tweet about this giveaway by using this tweet:  I entered to win @IndyStateFair tix from @FamilyofFarmers & @gotchababy. You can enter too!

2) Post something to the above effect on your Facebook page, making sure you link back to this giveaway.

3) Go like Family Fun in the City on Facebook.

Entries will be accepted through Wednesday, July 25th at about 9pm. Be sure to use your best email when commenting, so that I can reach you if you win! The winner will have 24 hours to respond, if they are unreachable, a new winner will be chosen.

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Disclosure: I am an IFOF Ambassador, and as such, this is a sponsored post. It’s true, I blog for milkshakes.  I received a set of tickets for admission and the Dairy bar for my personal use, just like the ones I am giving away. The opinions expressed in this post and the love I have for the Indiana State Fair are all my own.

64 Replies to “Indiana State Fair: The Year of the Dairy Cows {a Giveaway}(closed)”

  1. Our favorite things about the state fair are the horses and the pepperjack cheese sandwiches at the Dairy Bar.

  2. My favorite thing about the fair is checking out the handcrafted items in the Arts & Crafts building, and also eating all of the deep frieds goodies!

  3. We enjoy visiting as a family, eating the food, letting our son ride rides, and visiting all the barns with tractors & mowers of course. You’re right it does signify the end of summer & I’m not ready yet! 🙁

  4. I shared your link on my Facebook, BUT I don’t know how to link it to you from my phone… Lol 🙂

  5. Would love to take our family to the Indy State Fair for the first time. We just moved to Indy in Dec. and have enjoyed some wonderful things. Would love to meet local famers as the kids love visiting our aunts farm.

  6. I love everything about the fair- the crowds, the food stands, the exhibits, the hustle & bustle… I already have 2 visits on my calendar!

  7. We love the fair. The dairy barn is a must for the grilled cheese andmilk shakes. This year is special, the farmers work so hard to provide the food that we all enjoy. I am very happy that this year we are showing them how much we care. Thank you for this opportunity.

  8. I love everything about the fair. The food (we have to get a milkshake from the dairy barn every time we go), the 4-H animals, spending time outside, and spending time with my family. I am super excited this year, because it will be my daughter’s first state fair!!! The first of many.

  9. Only been a few times but I was in 4-H and love showing my kids everything people work hard for. When they r old enough hopefully they will remember how much fun it is & work just as hard to have their project make to State Fair as well!

  10. We like to take our grandchildren to see the animals. They also love to ride the tractor shuttle around the fair.

  11. We go see the horse competitions and walk around the barns to look at the animals. Of course, we like to eat, too!

  12. We are hoping to go this year. The kids like the interactive areas, petting the animals, sitting on the tractors, and eating pineapple whip! Thank you for the chance to win!

  13. The Dairy barn and supporting the local FFA kids is one of the main reason we head the fair each year.

  14. Growing up in Iowa, the fair was something special because even if you lived in a “big” city (anything more than 3000 people, haha!) you were surrounded by farms and more than likely knew a farmer or a farmer’s kid(s). Now that my husband and I have chosen Indiana as our state to live in, I get to share my nostalgia for everything State Fair with my boys (currently ages 3 and 2) and my love for those farmers and their wonderful products. I am particularly stoked that this year is the year of the dairy cow, because although I never could, I always wanted to have a show cow in 4-H! Since my parents weren’t dairy farmers, I had to be envious of those girls that did have show cows, but my love for dairy cows has never dwindled over the last 20 years! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I, too, would blog for milkshakes if given the chance!! 🙂

  15. Our favorite thing to do as a family while visiting the fair is see all of the new animals that have just been born a

  16. I didn’t grow up going to the fair, but I have been for the last 8 years with my family. It is great to see all the different animals and to be able to show my kids what the different animals look like face to face. My husband is working on teaching our kids the different breeds of the animals. I love all the different kinds of food that you can get there also.

  17. Thank you so much for the chance! Our favorite thing is the rides + the treats – we let ourselves indulge once a year! And my little boy of course loves the tractor ride! This will be the first year our daughter gets to attend!

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