It’s Game Time: Superbowl 46 is Here!

Well that was embarrassing. Broken blogs are no fun, but with a fresh install of WordPress, I *think* it’s all ok.

So I’m here, but not for long. This week has unofficially been declared: INDIANAPOLIS WEEK, as the entire expanse of the metro area gets ready to host SuperBowl XLVI.

Ready doesn’t even begin to describe it. This town of ours, it is on fire. It is breathtakingly ready. If you’re anywhere within a day’s drive of this spectacle, come check it out. I know I’m not the only Hoosier thinking that maybe, just maybe, this will be the first of many successful Superbowls for our fair city.

We took the kids downtown on Friday night, the opening night of Superbowl Village.

We saw the 33 NFL Super Cars.

We saw the Zipline operating overhead.

We saw the Human Hamster Wheels.

We saw the giant Superbowl Roman Numerals on Circle.

We saw Elmo.

There were football activities, music, food, and an electric energy that was contagious. And that was just opening night.

MaM has learned all about Roman Numerals.

The Fox wants to know when the big race is- he’s convinced those 33 NFL cars are going go to race, and the Colts car is going to win.


BgK is geeked for the LMFAO concert Friday night.

Me? I’m loving the good press Indianapolis is getting.

What’s been your favorite thing about Superbowl week so far?


4 Replies to “It’s Game Time: Superbowl 46 is Here!”

  1. You know me – I Hate sports. (Yes, with a capital “H”). So my fave thing about all this hoopla? Ummmm. Not much. But happy for the people who love it that it’s in town and accessible. AP and the Hubster actually went to the Experience last weekend and enjoyed the crazy mess.

    Glad you’re up and running again – I was getting worried about you!

    1. Oh Stork, you crack me up. I’m glad the boys got to go- maybe your favorite thing is “it gave me a quiet day”?!? We’re aren’t huge fans, but you know us- we love chaos and events and cities…

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