Seven Things You Don’t Ever Need to Store

This week the empty POD was taken away. After going through most of the boxes and crates and garbage bags of stuff, I have a few tips.
Without further ado, here are the top seven things you should not put in a storage unit, ever.
1) Boxes of half used crayons. I have unpacked approximately elevenity hundred used crayons. I have another bazillion inside my house already. You know what you don’t need to bring with you, wherever you’re going? Used crayons.
2)Glitter. If you weren’t doing glitter crafts before you packed up, what makes you think you’ll suddenly start wanted to do glitter crafts when you unpack?
3) Clothes your kids have outgrown. If you have to fill out paperwork to become parents like we do, and your 99% sure you’re not going to feel compelled to do that again, just let them go. Yes, baby clothes are cute and sentimental. Know what’s more sentimental? Pictures of your kids in said clothes. Make a favorite outfit flipbook and move on.*
4) Toys your kids have outgrown. See #3.
5) Cleaning rags and towels. I unpacked a box full of old towels and cleaning cloths. Why, I ask? Oh why?
6) Perishable toiletries and food items like cough drops. This isn’t from me, it’s from a coworker who packed up his medicine cabinet and left it in storage for over a year. Cough drops melt. Saline leaks and rusts things. Deodorant turns to goo. If you are trying to declutter, commit to using up what you’ve got and resist the temptation to stockpile more. But don’t pack toiletries for storage.
7) The Blender. You know when you’re going to want frosty beverages and smoothies? When your blender is at the back of a storage unit, unable to be unearthed. It’s not that big. Trust me on this one.
I could go on and on, but sometimes you don’t really know what you don’t need until you don’t see it for awhile. I remember going to Goodwill so many times while we were packing, and I went to Goodwill so many more time during our 40 bags in 40 days month. Guess where I’ve been dropping loads off weekly every week in August? Goodwill. Yes, we paid to store a lot of things I ultimately unpacked and then proceeded to get rid of.
Oh well. Live and learn, right?
*I’ve also come to the conclusion that there is enough baby stuff in the universe that should a child fall from the sky and into your lap, long after you’ve passed on your baby goods, that child will not be naked or wanting for anything. I am convinced of this, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who can prove to me otherwise.

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    1. thanks for commenting, Jaclyn! Welcome, and I hope that poking around my blog helps to get you through the waiting period. Looking forward to reading about your journey 🙂

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