Chik-Fil-A Leadercast Indy (session 3)

So we are now all sitting happily full of Chik-Fil-A lunch.We just watched a bizarre presentation of Mentos exploding Coke Zero. Who knew? Not me.

Frans Johnansson is now up!

Then 90 second version – he comes from his parents, born/raised in Sweden, he and his sister where the two non-blue eyed, blondes in the country.He went  to Harvard, had a software company and then wrote a book.

The Medici Effect.

He’s got words popping up on screen, generating some word association.You can combine diverse ideas.

Diversity Drives Innovation

He goes on to give the examples of a skyscraper in Africa which mimics the venting system of termite mounds.

He goes on to tell us about the woman who made a suitable swimming suit for Muslim women.

Why do people who change the world try so many ideas? Stats on Einstein, Richard Branson and Google —

We are terrible at predicting what ideas will work.

We are not always going to be successful.

Imagine that you have an idea. You want to make it happen. You set up a goal. It’s huge. Who wants to be involved in anything that’s small? It’s an ambitious, large goal. You use up all your resources….and you learn from the experience, you should have done it differently.

He talks about the Ice Hotel in Sweden — the first winter, he has ice sculptures flown in.

The next year, he creates the snow gallery, an art gallery made of snow

The next year, the world’s first movie screen made out of ice. Some backpackers came to the event and asked if they could sleep somewhere — maybe on a bed made of ice?!!?

And the Ice Hotel was born.

This is how ideas evolve.

Jack Welch is now introducing Suzy Welch.

Suzy is talking about how none of us are the people we used to be — but we are not the people we have yet become. We are always changing.

Sometimes we get stuck between who we used to be and the person that we want to be. We can get stuck in the “i Can’ts”

She’s talking about her first marriage, and how she was living a picture — it all looked very good, but it was all very fake.

While at a conference in Hawaii, she was presenting to a group of insurance agents — when she saw her kids in the back of the room. They’d made a jail break from the hulu-class and made a launch for her down the aisle.


In evaluating her life, she realized she needed to start making better decisions. Not on the two G’s — Gut and Guilt. Her decisions needed to slow down.

10-10-10 works because it connects your decision making to your values. How does this decision effect your life in  10 minutes 10 months, in 10 years?

Legacy. FFWD to your 70th birthday party. What would make you cry from regret?(what a deep question)

Next: What do you want people to say about you when you’re not in the room?  (these are some good questions)

LAst Question: What did you love about your upbringing? What did you hate? (wow, I think I could think about these questions all the way to Florida)

Even if we don’t like something about our past, we tend to relive it.

Alison Levine is up next! I’m running out of juice…don’t know how much more I’ll be able to blog today!

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