One of Those (good) Days

This week as flown by — I can’t believe that a week from tonight it will already be Thanksgiving. Wow.

This week has been filled with good things, and there are a lot of good things on the horizon.

Some days just stick out for all the right reasons. Milestones, holidays, and sometimes just a random week day that goes perfectly. Tuesday  was one of those days. Junior and I snuck downtown during the school day (shh don’t tell MaM) and were able to enjoy the Jingle Rails display at the Eiteljorg Museum. He and I were both delighted in looking at the trains and all of the miniatures carved and created by artist Paul Busse. The scenes were all landmarks from our National Parks, as well as a replica of some downtown Indianapolis. We took in other parts of the museum as well, but we made three separate walks through the exhibit in the two hours we were there. He was fascinated by the miniature Old Faithful Geyser, which blew out steam every two minutes. “Geyser!” (which sounds oddly like dinosaur) &  “Hot water!” he chirped, each time it went off. He was excited to see the Downtown landscape, and was so excited to see all of the snow and evergreen trees. We’ll definitely be going back as a family before it leaves January 9th!

It’s was one of those days I’ll keep close to my heart for always.

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