A Mile a Minute

Junior’s been talking for awhile now, and suddenly he’s entered that phase where he just doesn’t stop talking. Driving down the road, he points out cement mixers and dump trucks, driving by the refinery near the quarry is his favorite road. He’s obsessive about following the Conner Prairie hot air balloon in the sky, and likes to say, “My Conner Prairie! I go there now!” When we drove by today, he said, “No Conner Prairie, it’s closed”, which impressed me (I’m his mom, of course he impresses me)

A few minutes later thought, ┬ámy boy made a real ┬áleap — he commented on something his smelled, rather than saw. We were driving by the water treatment plant and he said, ” Smells like poop, Mommy!”

Why yes, yes it does, little boy. What an observation…..

Are your kids saying anything cute lately? MaM was whispering “Liar liar, touch your tire” tonight, which made me smile.

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