Savvy Savings is here! Savvy Savings is here!

Like I said last week, I’ve been working with Savvy Source a lot this summer, as their city editor for the Indianapolis City Guide, and I’ve been involved in getting the Savvy Savings and Scholarships off the ground here in Indy as well.

So it is with great excitement that I present to you the first offering (there will be a new one each week):


I know, it’s HUGE, right? For $60 (a $120 value) you can enjoy the museum all year long with your family. If you frequent this blog, you know that we are huge fans. We’ve been going since MaM was about one, and the kids both love every floor of that place.

Not in Indy? Here are the rest of this week’s deals:

Atlanta: $17 for creative playtime at Farmhouse in the City

Remember, you get to donate 5% of the purchase price to a preschool of your choice, and to a preschool scholarship fund as well!
(want to promote these deals on your blog and to your friends and family? sign up here to be a Savvy Savings & Scholarships Partner!)

2 Replies to “Savvy Savings is here! Savvy Savings is here!”

  1. That is an amazing deal! I have almost purchased a family membership several times now, but haven’t been sure we’d really get our money’s worth. It hink if we end up heading there twice in the next month like we’re hoping, it’s well worth it! I’ll be buying today. Thanks for posting this -I wouldn’t have known about it unless you’d written!!!! I’m off to tell all my friends.

    PS – Do you get any credit if I sign up for Savvy?


    1. Stork — short answer, yes, they are keeping track and I do get credit for people signing up/buying deals, etc. What’s awesome is that everyone can get their own code by following this link: http;// By following that link, you’ll be in my network, which means I get credit for you, and you get credit for you!

      Even if you just want to email two friends and post it to your Facebook, get your own referral code, it’s to your advantage!

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