The Halfway Point: Feeling Full and UnPlugged

I refuse to actually look at the calendar and count the days/weeks, but the middle of July means I’ve reached the halfway point (or could be slightly past it) of my summer break.

How’s it shaping up so far?

It’s been great. It’s been busy. It’s been full of day trips and friends, family and celebrations. It’s been full of daylight (amazing how awful it feels to drive at night in the winter, and how great it feels in the summer).

It’s been full.

Too full to sit down and type about it at day’s end.

Too full to tweet about it while it happens.

Too full to Facebook it when the kids are watching TV.

You can’t tweet and swim at the same time.

You can’t blog while you’re rolling down sand dunes.

You can’t be on Facebook while you’re pushing kids on swings or catching them at the bottom of the slide.

I am liking it that way. A whole lot.

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