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If you are reading this in a reader, click through to see my sassy new header, designed by none other than Beth, of Ruby and Roja. Isn’t it pretty?

Boy News

walkingfoxThe boy has had a rough month–no one ever said that parenting a toddler is easy, but have you ever stopped to think about the toddler? His teeth are still moving and shaking, and he has had a persistent ear infection. Sleep has NOT been an operative at our house lately. Tuesday we went to MAM’s ENT, and he called me out right away. He, somehow, could tell, (was it the bags under my eyes? my glazed expression? the desperation in my voice?) that I initiated this referral from our family doc, not the other way around. And given MAM’s history, he was cool with that. While he was unable to insert the ear tubes right there in the office, he did the next best thing–he gave us the first available time slot in the OR on Friday morning. And he gave Jr. a Rx for sleep-inducing pain medication, to help with the nights. I almost jumped up and gave him a hug. We were in and out of the surgery center in no time flat, and the long periods of intense screaming have lessened on Jr.’s part. It’s a step in the right direction.

Girl News


Four is beautiful. Four is hilarious. Four is articulate. Four is fun. Four is healthy. Four is fabulous. That is all.

Mom News

minivanI now drive a minivan. I was hoping for a crossover, but you get sooo many more features, on a newer model, with fewer miles if you suck it up and get a van. So we did. Three hours at CarMax, investigating four non-minivan options convinced us. For the record, don’t even try to fold yourself into a CRV if you are leggy (I’m 5’10”)–it won’t work. As we were realizing our dreams of a gently used, low-mile Pacifica were dashed, we saw the shiny Town and Country’s all lined up in a row. The sales woman told us, “You know, we stock a lot of minivans because we sell a lot of minivans.” And so we looked. And for the same price as a basic ’06 Equinox with 70k miles, we got an ’07  Town and Country with 27k miles that’s loaded. And it is robin egg blue. Most importantly, it has seat warmers. Mmmm.

I’ll be shopping for appropriate pro-kid magnets and causes, along with cling-ons depicting our fam this week. I’m open to suggestions.

Speaking of being open….I have a post up at Grown in My Heart about that very thing. And if you haven’t already, add yourself to the Grown In My Heart mailing list. We are starting a newsletter this month that will include giveaways, information on surviving the holidays, and your questions answered by a certified therapist. And no spam. I promise. There’s a spot to sign up on the main page, just scroll down a little.

And with that, I am off to enjoy this beautiful Fall day!

6 Replies to “Here It Is! Click Thru to See!”

  1. We’ve had our T&C minivan for about a year and a half. I’ve not regretted it for one moment. I love my minivan. I have, however, failed at adorning it with any momentos for special causes. FAIL

    The blog looks good. I’ve been wanting to do a makeover forever, but other things keep coming up instead.

    I hope all medical issues are dealt with quickly and painlessly.

  2. LOVE the header! It is fabulous!

    Hope that the boy feels better now that he has tubes – sending up prayers for him and for you to be able to sleep! Glad that the girl is healthy!

    Here’s the question I have – does the minivan have a DVD player? Dan looked at it somewhere online and it looked as though there was a big thing between the parents’ seats and the kids’ seats. I think you owe it to your blog readers to mention it. 🙂

    1. No, there is no “in cabin” entertainment system. The children will have to watch movies in the car old school—either on the portable DVD player, the iPhone, or the iPod. We’re lo-tech like that!!!

  3. Oh my word -My friend, the Minivan Mom! That’s okay – As long as you’re sporting the Starbucks in the cupholder, I’ll still think you’re cool!

    The best part of your girl of four? THE HEALTHY part! LOVE that. Hoping the little bro is soon to follow in her footsteps and the tubes are the cure!!!!

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