Twitter Babes Fantasy Football

Gee, I can’t wait to see what kind of google searches that title matches with….

But it’s a totally accurate, truthful title to what my new fall past time is–fantasy football, with my Twitter Babe friends (#FFLBabes) . So far, I think I’m doing ok. I admit, with the exception of my QB (Purdue Alum Drew Brees), I let autodraft do all the work. But now, three weeks into it, I remember to check on my boys before Sunday, to make sure that no one is injured and everyone is likely to play on Sunday. That’s the extent of my strategy so far. I will say though, I’m paying attention to more teams than the Colts because of this experiment. New Orleans is suddenly important. Pittsburgh (my defense) is suddenly important.

So here’s the question–who are your favorite (current) football players? Here in Indy, of course, the Colts are still all the rage, and they are doing well this season.

What’s your favorite team? Anyone else in a chick-only Fantasy Football League?

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