This Boy

This boy. This boy is currentthat boyly hard to photograph, because  he   is soooo fast. In the past week, he has learned to walk, and his toddle is getting more sober by the day. He could be walking a straight line by the end of the month. Today he started standing up w/o pulling up–he’s learned to just stand up, no props needed.

As our little friends exclaimed yesterday, as he toddled to her,     “He’s a toddler now!”

When did this happen?!?!

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  1. Wow – I’m glad you were able to catch him for a split second to snap this shot – I haven’t seen another one (or even him in person) where he looked more like his big sister! Maybe it’s just this picture, but in the mouth and expression (or squint, from the light?), he really resembles her!

    I love that hair…..

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