Two Weeks of Work v. 10 Weeks of Summer

Almost done with week 2 of the 2009-2010 school year. Bedtimes are established, lunchboxes are being toted, daily reports from daycare are being received, and hey, we even have our first ear infection of the year (Jr, this time). We are up an running!!

Was PBS Kids in the Park just two months ago? Really?
Was PBS Kids in the Park just two months ago? Really?

It’s amazing how fast we can establish a routine around these parts. It almost feels like we never stopped leaving the house at 7:30 in the morning. It almost feels like summer vacation never happened.

That we didn’t eat 236 Flav-R-Ice pops this summer.

That we didn’t spend a fun week on Boston’s South Shore.

That we didn’t spend days at the pool, the park, and the library.

That we had days where we didn’t get dressed until noon.

That we didn’t watch fireworks. Or see sand dunes.

But we did.  It’s a good thing I blogged about most of  it.

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  1. Word UP! Sigh. How quickly it all fades, but glad you’re into the routine. Although I was hoping you’d make it at least a month before the first illness of the school year reared its ugly head.

    Maybe you won’t need to take off a day from work for a few months yet… Knock on wood.

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