Why We’ll Have to Be His Friend on Facebook

Or whatever the latest and greatest thing is in 2020. Today Jr. started back at the daycare we’ve been using since MAM was 10 months old.  My boy is 14 months old, and, it turns out, he’s been holding out on us.

At home, he prefers a bottle of formula over a sippy cup of milk.

At home, he prefers baby sweet potatoes to table food.

At home, he freaks at naptime and appears to not understand our requests.

At home, he bites us. A lot. It hurts.

At daycare? He drank his milk like everyone else. He at table food, no problem. He napped on his cot, and when he woke up, he stayed there when the teacher asked him to do so. He didn’t try to bite a single person.

Clearly, he saves the best for us. Clearly, he up to things we have no idea about. Clearly, we will need to keep tabs on this boy.

In other news, MAM and I spent the day working in my classroom, and had a really good time. She was delighted to be back at school, and really just wanted to know where her friends were….

2 Replies to “Why We’ll Have to Be His Friend on Facebook”

  1. Better to be pleasantly surprised than shockingly surprised at what happens in these places, I say.

    I’m glad he did so well at daycare. I hope that all continues.

    Good luck with the continuing back-to-school transition for everyone!

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