Living On the Edge-News and a Giveaway

Back in April, I had the opportunity to attend Hallmark’s first ever Mom E-vent. It was lovely from start to finish, and MAM still talks about going to Kansas City and wants to go back. There was one part of the trip that I didn’t (couldn’t) say much about when I first posted about it, because it was top secret. Like we signed waivers secret. Like we couldn’t photograph secret. Like we were taken down a little hallway, through what looked like a maintenance hallway and led into a special area, a special area where products are developed.

So, anyway, since then, I’ve thought of those products. Partially because I couldn’t say a word about them. And that alone is enough to kill a chatty girl like me, so I am so relieved to finally type these words:

Hallmark has a new line of cards out just for moms! They are funny, funny, funny….and edgy. “You can write that on a card?” was asked more than once as we were looking at them.

And now you can look at them too. On the Edge of Motherhood is a new line that will have all moms laughing, because the sentiments ring true. Check out a few on (remember, you can actually personalize and have these babies mailed for you, to your bff, right from your computer), and soon they may be in a store near you.

What? You want to see the actual cards??? Leave me a comment….because it’s giveaway time!! I will use to pick a lucky winner sometime on Tuesday, August 4. Just leave me a comment on this post, telling me….telling me something. Anything. You choose. Good luck!!hot_card

For extra entries, after you’ve posted one comment for your first entry, you may:

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5 Replies to “Living On the Edge-News and a Giveaway”

  1. So glad you like our Edge of Motherhood cards! They’ve been sooo fun to work on…kids make for good material, that’s for sure!

    Tina Neidlein
    (Hallmark writer/tired mom)

    1. Hey Tina! Thanks for stopping by. Are you working on a Boom Boom Pow card yet, by chance?? We’ve been listening to the Black Eyed Peas for our current road trip, and I’m just waiting for MAM to tell someone they’re “two thousand and late”….

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