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I am really liking this WordPress platform (software? interface?)–it is very, very different from Blogger, and maybe not quite as intuitive (at least not for someone who’s used Blogger for almost 5 years), but it is verstile, and I like how much I can see in the dashboard. And, I do have to say, saying simply, ‘’ is pretty cool. And much easier to type.

So here is my question, WordPress users–what widget can you not live without?? I’ve found one for Twitter, and one for dashboard stats…but what else is out there???

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  1. I don’t use many plugins on my personal blog. I like Sticky Post in case I have something important that I want to keep at the top of the blog. I use a ton on Inexpensively, but I’m not sure they’re relevant. Stray Random Quotes is good – I use it as a widget and include things like Featured Posts and ad rotations rather than actual quotes. Let me know if you have specific questions. i’ve been using WordPress on 4 sites for many years.

  2. Welcome to your new digs!

    I’m not a big one for widgets, because I try to keep my sidebar relatively clutter-free, but I like having the categories with a count of how many posts are in each category. I’m not sure if it means anything to readers, but I find it quite handy.

    Happy ICLW!

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