Today we had our first official social venture out since MAM’s procedure. I have to say, totally unbiasedly, it was one of the BEST outings I’ve ever done with the two kiddos.
We journeyed over to West Park, where there was a kids’s concert this morning–Mik the Musicman and the the Bounce House Band was playing. Very fun, for both moms and kids. Jr. took a snooze in his stroller, and MAM had fun climbing up and down “Sled Hill”. Well, the terraced side of “Sled Hill”. The terraced side has huge flat stones (for climbing or sitting) as well as a sidewalk that zig-zags at an easy grade all the way up to the top. Do you think MAM took the sidewalk….or the stones??

After the concert, we walked over to the splash park. I’d heard of our area’s multiple splash parks, and how much fun they are, and let me just say, I am sold. So much fun. Jr. was in hog heaven. He loves water, and loves to splash. Basically, he crawled around what was basically a huge, clean puddle, randomly getting splashed by passers by and sprayed by fountains. HOG HEAVEN, I TELL YOU!

Do you notice MAM’s swimming costume? That’s really the only word for it. This year, we were handed down a darling Land’s End tankini, with a long sleeve shirt to go with it. I was most excited, because theoretically, it should help keep her fair skin out of the scorching sun. I was skeptical though, because can you imagine? Wearing a long sleeve shirt while swimming and splashing? I just can’t.
MAM, however, has this “thing” for matching. So when I presented the shirt to her today, she was elated. And when I showed her the blue gym shorts that matched too, there was no way she was going to take off any part of the ensemble. Ever. I’m cool with that.

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