I Pledge to Tell the Whole Truth…

Ok, so last week was a whirlwind. A really great, fun, exhausting whirlwind.

Sunday, BgK and I were lucky enough to go to the 500 again this year, suite style, of course. It was great day of fun, speed, comped EVERYTHING (even parking, a mere 50yards from the stands), and sun. The whole thrill of the race track, is just sweet. And, I will confess, that at about the halfway point, I went inside, sat down on a big cushy couch and took a nap. Could a day really get any better???

Monday, we celebrated a friend’s sixth birthday. Honestly, where does the time go? I distinctly remember visiting this little friend when she was only days old, and taking her big brother out to go see Finding Nemo in the movie theater that day.
Wednesday was Field Day at school. It was a big, hot, sweaty mess of a day. Fun, but ugh, so sweaty!!! The thought of Wednesday night though, kept me going.

Wednesday night, I was lucky enough to be invited to a spa party, courtesty of Moosh in Indy and Pledge. Betsy (my laptop) and I were treated to a fab evening of relaxation and pampering.
Betsy got wiped down with the new Pledge Multi-Surface cleaner, and I was treated to a pedi, mani and chair massage. The staff a the Villagio Day Spa was stellar, and keeping us entertained and relaxed. I had the chance to meet many a fabulous local blogger, which was great, because, honestly, I can count the number of local bloggers I know on one hand. Pictured: Betsy, getting shined up, and many pretty toes! (mine not included, I was getting my nails done at the time).

Friday was the last day of school. I have to say, an exceptional group of kiddos finished the kindergarten program in my room this year. All eight of them had the full three/four year Montessori experience…some of them have been my students since I returned to work after MAM was born. As we were going around the group Friday morning, I asked them to tell me what were some of their favorite things about this past school year. Of course the recent field trip, field day and pizza Fridays were mentioned. Then someone said that *I* was their favorite thing. Humbling is such an insufficient word.

Saturday night was MAM’s very first dance recital on a big stage. She, was, I must say, totally unbiasedly–AWESOME. She rocked it. Tumbled like she’s been tumbling for years. And for a finale, the company did the Cha-Cha slide like there was no tomorrow. If you are in the Indy area, I highly, highly recommend her dance studio (it’s mobile, so it will come to where your children are), Jump Into Motion.
In other news, Jr. has learned to clap and wave this week. We are pretty sure he’s saying “GO!” and “Car!”. He can also quack, which about the cutest thing ever.
So are the days of my life. What’s new with you??

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    Tell her I want to squish her and cover her in minty kisses.

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