I’m Still Here

Just emerging from a post-sickness fog, catching up on work (5.5 more days! 5.5 more days!) and what not.

While I’m at it, I thought I’d answer Stork’s question–am I more or less of a germaphobe with #2?

I am not really a germaphobe to begin with, but the thing that’s freaked me out the most with 2 is the concept of cross-contamination….that MAM could come home with strep, lick a toy, and Junior could get strep….and then it could just keep going round, and round, and round, that’s what freaks me out.

That they can both be sick and miserable at the same time with different ailments (last Tues night/Weds). That they can just take turns being sick for weeks on end. That’s what freaks me out.
I probably shouldn’t jinx myself, but I *think* they are both finally well….

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  1. Oh my word – I HOPE that you enjoy a healthy and restful Memorial Day weekend!

    Illness – BE GONE!

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