Honest to goodness, I was at to pick the winners the giveaway, and a Hallmark commercial came on…you know the song, “Say what you mean to say….”

Anyway, the winners are: #8 Storkwatcher, #12 Heather and #9 Danetta!

Ladies, I will be emailing you—congrats, thank you to everyone for playing and thanks to Hallmark for such a fun giveaway.

And so the question remains—breakfast in bed or breakfast out. The problems with breakfast in bed include: it’s actually really kind of hard to eat in bed, especially with overzealous kiddos bouncing around. And then there’s the possiblity of the dishes being left for you… the same time, breakfast out poses problems: long waits on the holiday, chasing toddlers around the restaurant, cutting someone else’s French Toast, wiping up spilled juice…..

I think maybe I’ll just sneak away to Starbucks, alone, early in the A.M. before the days starts.

3 Replies to “Winners!!!”

  1. NOW you’re talking with the Starbucks!!! WE’re heading “back home” this weekend, and although I’m excited about seeing the family and the things we have planned, my first thought is the mouth-watering knowledge that Starbucks is ON THE WAY AND in that town! Yippee skippee!

    Thanks, Mr Random Generator Picker-Dude, for making my blog giveaway dreams come true!

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